Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strawberry with Whipped Cream

Hi Friends,
Last week we happened to see some fresh yummy strawberries and we bought them home.
Also I want to highlight some good things about starwberries
1.Strawberries have antioxidants which help lower bad cholestorol.
2.It is one of the world's most nutrient rich fruit.
3.The antioxidant power in strawberries can improve and maintain the effectveness of cholestorol lowering diets.
4.Strawberries rank third when compared to the top fresh fruits and vegetables.

Its really exciting to know so many good things about strawberries.So let me tell you the simplest way of eating strawberries

Strawberry with whipped cream:
1.Bowl full of Strawberries
2.Whipped Cream
Take a small bowl full of strawberries and add whipped cream on top and believe me it tastes so delicious and you would want more and more...:-).
Ok guys hope you had fun eating and knowing all the good things about strawberries.I would come up with more recipies soon...bye bye