Monday, November 29, 2010

dondakaya vepudu

Hi Friends,
Today I am going to post one of my all time favourite dish...Dondakaya vepudu (tindora fry). I still remember...bendakaaya tinte memory perugutundani..dondakaya tinte memory taggutundani anevaaru..So ekkuvaga bendakaya fry ee chesevaallu intlo..But amma eppudu dondakaya fry chesina..emi migalchakunda tinevallam...Ok i will go into the recipie now..:-)


For seasoning:
->1 tbsp uraddal (minapa pappu)
->1 tbsp chanadal (senaga pappu)
->1 tbsp aavalu (mustard seeds)
-> 1 stem curry leaves
->pinch of turmeric
->pinch of hing
For vepudu:
->1-2 lbs tindora/dondakaayalu washed.
->cooking oil (4 tbsp)
->salt to taste
->chilli powder too taste.
Preparation method:
->chop tindora into round slices.
->In a vessel pour few tbsp of oil and allow it to heat.
->Put all the ingredients mentioned in the seasoning section.
->Stir fry till all the seasoning changes color and add the tindora cut pieces.
->Stir fry occassionally and keep it covered.
->cook until tndora is soft and well cooked.
->Once fried add pinch of salt & chilli powder as per your taste.
->Serve with hot rice.
->Best side dish for this curry would be rasam or mudda pappu

Enjoy the curry...:-)