Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tomato Pappu


Hi Friends,

Today I am going to post another simple yet delicous recipe..."Tomato Pappu"..This is one dish that does not take much time & effort yet can be very delicous..In my home I make varietes of pappu's and this is one of them..Here is the recipie.

Toor Dal /Kandi Pappu--->1 cup
Tomatoes----->2 finely chopped
tamarind------> size of small lemon
green chillies---->4
onion---------> finely chopped half cup
salt--------->as per taste
turmeric-----> half tb. sp.
red chilli powder---> 1 tb sp

For Tempering:
Urad Dal/Minapappu---> 1 tb.sp
Chana Dal/Senaga Pappu--->1 tb sp
Mustard seeds/aavaalu---->1 tb sp
Fenugreek seeds/mentulu---> 4
Curry leaves--->4
Hing--->pinch to taste
red chillies--->2
garlic--> 2 slices
Coriander/Kottimeera for garnish

Preparation Method:
1) In a pressure cooker, take 1 cup of Toor dal & wash it thoroughly.
2) Once the dal is washed properly add finely chopped onion,tomatoes, green chillies, tamarind, salt,red cilli powder & turmeric
3) Add 3 cups of water to all the added ingredients and close the pressure cooker lid and let it cook
4) Remove after 3 whistles.
5) Add tempering with all the above ingredients mentioned in for tempering...Adjust salt/chilli tamarind as per your taste..
6) Tomato Dal is ready.

You can serve this with hot ghee & rice...and along with some fry..It really tastes yummy :-)