Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goduma dosa or Wheat dosa

This is one the easiest breakfast recipe that I can think of.This is kind of instant recipe and can be made very easily.It also tastes very good.During weekends when I dont have regular dosa batter(urad dal dosa) ready, then I prefer doing this wheat dosa or rava dosa

Preparation time:10 min

Wheat Flour : 1 cup
ginger : grated
salt to taste
water : 2 cups
butter milk : half cup(optional)
green chillies : 2 to 3

Preparation Method:

1)Mix all the above ingredients and make sure there are no lumps
2)Heat tawa and take a ladleful of batter and spread like regular dosa
3)You can turn the other side once it is cooked
4)This goes well with any chutney

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