Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brown rice egg fried rice

Today I was tired after work  and I could see was some left over brown rice...and all I could think of was some fast stir fried egg rice...Here goes the recipe.


Brown Rice (cooked)-->1 cup
Eggs  --->2,3
cabbage cut into small pieces
lime juice -1 tb.sp
pinch of salt

For Tempering:

Turmeric--->1/2 tb. sp
oil-->2,3 tb sp
Mustard seeds--> few
urad dal---> 1 tb sp.
chala dal --->1 tb sp
curry leaves--->5
red chilli-->3

Prepation Method:

->Take a vok and add few tb . sp of oil and let it heat
->Add all the ingredients that are indicated under "For Tempering"
->Saute All the ingredients till golden brown.
->Add cut cabbage and stir fry for a minute
->Break the eggs and mix it the way you would do with the scrambled eggs
->Once the eggs are cooked completely,,,add the cooked brown rice and stir fry
->Add salt as per your taste and few drops of lime juice

Enjoy the dish

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